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Greenhouse Effect Ups Retailers Floral Sales
 PLEASANT GROVE, Utah -- Floral sales have taken off at Macey's flagship store here since the retailer installed an outdoor greenhouse filled with bedding plants, hanging baskets and potted plants for sale. [...]

Information Helping To Grow Flower Profits
 A floral designer or anyone who has taken Floral Arrangements 101, for that matter, can take a bouquet of mixed flowers and show you three different ways to use them, said Terry Johnson, president, Horticultural Marketing Resources, a Mission Viejo, Calif., marketing and consulting firm. [...]

ProFlowers streamlines floral business
Flowers and food gifts are attractive businesses--and just about every retailer wants a piece--but ProFlowers has improved quality and cut price through superior distribution, making it a tough and growing competitor [...]

Super Floral 2005 Floral Dept
HOUSTON (FNS) -- Consumers see the colorful blooms, but they look for knowledgeable floral associates in making purchasing decisions. Supermarkets who respond to the demand for customer guidance benefit from blossoming sales and an ability to upsell customers on higher-ring items, a panel of three floral retailers said here at Super Floral 2005 [...]

Super Floral Floats To Houston
THE 2005 Super Floral Show will hit Houston, TX, on June 22 to 25, bringing volume buyers of floral, foliage, tropicals and hardgoods to the George H. Brown Convention Center. The business-to-business event will feature 60 categories of products from more than 400 exhibitors [...]

The unique flower designs
Flowers always add a 'healthier' look to your rooms. Their freshness and fragrance makes the environment one is in more pleasant and appealing. This article stresses on the beauty of the flowers [...]

How To Learn The Secrets Of Crochet Flowers Making
Both a skill and a hobby, crocheting is the joy of many women who get to spend their time in the most pleasant of ways: embroidering, knitting, decorating and more. Varied colors, diverse materials, different objects, sometimes they all get to have a little thing in common: the beautiful crochet flowers used for embellishment [...]

A Look At The Most Cherished Easter Flowers Of All
Easter is definitely a holiday of renewal, not only do we find ourselves spiritually enriched, but we definitely become more vibrant and perceptive of the world around us: fellow human beings and nature as well [...]

Why Flower Tattoos Are Most Often The Choice Of Girls And Young Women
Body piercing and painting are among the most popular trends of skin decoration that fascinate young people these days. It has become quite a common thing for anyone to have at least one tattoo in the visible or more discreet parts of the body, and there are even preferences in terms of model that definitely vary for men and women [...]

How To Decide What Exotic Flowers To Grow In Your Garden
Since climate is the most important factor in the growing cycle of all plants, it goes without saying that exotic flowers are the most difficult to cultivate. They are sensitive to the utmost limit to any climate change and they can only be kept outside in the garden, for landscaping purposes only during the warm season [...]

Online Florists - Fast, Safe, Guaranteed
Sending flowers to a distant loved one now-a-days need only be a click away. Online florists cater for local, national and international flower givers [...]

Flower and Garden - Practical Advice
Since I can remember, I always had the drive for gardening. When I lived in a house with my parents during my teenage years, I used to have a flower and garden area that was out of this world [...]

Flower decoration for teen girls
Teen girls who want flower arrangements for maybe a party or some other special occasion like a birthday or graduation have many options to choose from. They can always put the flower arrangements together themselves or hire a company to create the different variations out there [...]

Treatment and Insect Prevention of Roses
Don't wait until aphids or beetles to invite themselves to live in your roses garden. Insect treatment and prevention can be guarded against [...]

Planting Flower Seeds In Your Back Yard Garden
If you plan on planting seeds in your home garden. There are a couple things that you should keep in mind. Make sure the soil is warm enough for proper germination and if spring rains do not supply enough liquid that you water your young seedlings [...]

Best Flowers To Show Sympathy
People use flowers for a number of reasons. They are sent to others when something great has happened in their life, as an expression of love, for encouragement, and also for sympathy [...]